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About Us

When Hem entered the Indian clothing business, her goal was to make designer apparel affordable for stylish women around the world.  A long-time fashion buff, she had a keen eye for spotting evolving trends in sarees, suits and accessories, but she wanted to make them easily accessible to women outside of Mumbai. Thus, she began with a small collection in Sydney, Australia, ten years ago. Today, she has expanded, with extensive sales, shows and exhibitions in both the United States and Australia.

At the core of Hem’s approach is her attention to every client’s individual sense of style.  Her custom-made collections focus on bringing the runways of Mumbai into women’s closets in a way that suits their personality, taste, size and budget. There’s something for everyone.

Hem Samdaria Hem Samdaria


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– Photography: Andy Shah
– Make-up: Kelly Robertson, Chelsea Holcomb Cuadras
– Hair: Stacy Urquhart Clarke
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